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Login to the server,

1) Stop the SmarterMail Service
2) Open Windows Explorer (My Computer)
3) Go to C:\Program Files\SmarterTools\SmarterMail (or wherever one has installed SmarterMail)
4) Open the Service subdirectory
5) Make a backup copy of the file MailConfig.xml
6) Open MailConfig.xml in Notepad to edit the file.
7) Find the below mentioned code:

<!– ** System Admin *************************** –>
<!– ** To reset admin password, delete these items ** –>
<!– ** and then restart the SmarterMail Service. ** –>
<!– ***************************************** –>
<sysAdminUserName> … </sysAdminUserName>
<sysAdminPassword> … </sysAdminPassword>
<!– ***************************************** –>

8) Delete those lines and save the file.
9) Start the SmarterMail Service.

One should now be able to log in to SmarterMail by using the following:

Email: admin
Password: admin


Instructions for how to change your SmarterMail admin password.

How to change admin password in SmarterMail

If you ever need to reset your SmarterMail password you may follow these 4 simple steps. Please note that you will need to know the existing password.

Open SmarterMail and log in as admin.

Click on the button for settings.

On the left pane clink on General Settings in the list. Now in the right pane you can type in the current password and then your new password.

Click the Save button.


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In order to configure SmarterMail interface on windows 2003 server one need to perform below mentioned steps:

1) Login into the server.
2) Create a New Website from IIS named as SmarterMail and apply below mentioned details:

    * Description: SmarterMail
    * IP Address: the primary IP address for your server (If it is Dedicated IP, is most preferable)
    * Host header for this Web site: mail.domainname.com
    * Path: C:\Program Files\SmarterTools\SmarterMail\MRS
    * Website Permissions: check the buttons Read and Run scripts

3) Right Click on website and select properties.
4) On the ASP.NET tab, select the appropriate version of ASP.NET based on the version of SmarterMail.
5) On the HTTP Headers tab, click MIME Types -> Click New.
6) Enter the requested information:

    * Extension: .js
    * MIME type: application/x-javascript

7) Click on Ok.
8) Create an A record in DNS for mail.domainname.com that points to the primary IP address for your server

This will work !

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