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Sometimes an event log shows the Cache permission missing, USPA Error, Feed Cache Repopulation needed.

Try to restart the cache cluster by,

PS > Restart-CacheCluster

Check the host are UP and running, monitor for couple of hours – if it continues.

Check the status of Cache memory occupied.

PS > Get-AFCacheClusterHealth

This will list the memory and partitions.

To Add the USPA Service account to Cache

PS > Get-CacheAllowedClientAccounts

=> Will list the accounts are configured, mostly WSS_ADMIN & WSS_WPG

PS > Grant-CacheAllowedClientAccounts -Account ‘Domain\USPA_Service_Account’



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It will be handy to reset the IIS from one server to all. Save it as ps1 and execute in admin account.

$servers = Get-SPServer | Where {$_.Role -ne “Invalid” }
foreach ($server in $servers) {
Write-Host “Restarting IIS on server $server…”
IISRESET $server.Address /noforce
Write-Host “IIS status for server $server”
IISRESET $server.Address /status

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The Script helps to backup of previous WSP solutions

Get-SpSolution | forEach-Object {$_.SolutionFile.SaveAs(“C:\SPbackup\$($_.Name)”)}

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Steps involved in restart the Cache


$instanceName =”SPDistributedCacheService Name=AppFabricCachingService”

$serviceInstance = Get-SPServiceInstance | ? {($_.service.tostring()) -eq $instanceName -and ($_.server.name) -eq $env:computername}



$instanceName =”SPDistributedCacheService Name=AppFabricCachingService”

$serviceInstance = Get-SPServiceInstance | ? {($_.service.tostring()) -eq $instanceName -and ($_.server.name) -eq $env:computername}


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You will be facing this error in website screen,

Report Server has encountered a SharePoint error. —> Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.SharePointException: Report Server has encountered a SharePoint error. —> Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPUpgradeException: An error has occurred on the server.http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?LinkID=96177 —> System.Exception: 

and another in inner exception error in SSRS logs

library!ReportServer_0-1!1fd4!11/14/2014-03:43:21:: Call to GetSystemPropertiesAction().

library!ReportServer_0-1!1fd4!11/14/2014-03:43:21:: e ERROR: Throwing Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.InternalCatalogException: , Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.InternalCatalogException: An internal error occurred on the report server. See the error log for more details. —> Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPUpgradeException: An error has occurred on the server.http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?LinkID=96177

at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPContentDatabase.ValidateDatabaseSchemaCompatibility()

at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite.PreinitializeServer(SPRequest request)

at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.InitializeSPRequest()

at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.EnsureSPRequest()

at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.get_Request()

at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.InitWebPublic()

at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.get_ServerRelativeUrl()

at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.get_Url()

at Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.Objects.RSSPImpWeb.get_Url()

at Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.Server.Utility.GetSPItemMetaDataAndContent(ItemSpecifier itemSpecifier, UserContext userContext, Boolean returnContent, Byte[]& content)

at Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.Server.SharePointAuthorizationExtension.InternalCheckAccess(UserContext userContext, ExternalItemPath itemPath, RSSPBasePermissions requiredRights)

at Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.Server.SharePointAuthorizationExtension.CheckAccess(UserContext userContext, ExternalItemPath path, CatalogOperation requiredOperation)

at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.GetSystemPropertiesAction.PerformActionNow()

at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.RSSoapAction`1.Execute()

— End of inner exception stack trace —;

If your SSRS reports are not working in SharePoint site, identify in which DB server it is installed – Check the MOSS ServicePacks are installed correctly in that particular report server, if not install it again.

Because, Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPContentDatabase.ValidateDatabaseSchemaCompatibility() means the binaries of schema is not compatible –  so identify the Service Pack with other web server and align it as equal to that server, if not install the Service Pack binaries again.

Stop the SSRS service, stop the IIS

then, start the SSRS and start the IIS too.

Before try above option, execute –

  • psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b –wait

Check now the SSRS reports are working now 🙂

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URL’s to Access SharePoint Pages

Here are some URL’s to access pages in SharePoint. These URL are helpful to save time and hassles of clicking many times to reach a speicfied page:

The URL’s are grouped based on the major functioanlity area:

Users and Permissions:

People and Groups: _layouts/people.aspx

Site Collection Admins: _layouts/mngsiteadmin.aspx

Advanced Permissions: _layouts/user.aspx

Master Pages: _Layouts/ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx

Look and Feel:

Title, Desc, and Icon: _layouts/prjsetng.aspx

Navigation: _layouts/AreaNavigationSettings.aspx

Page Layout and Ste Templates: _Layouts/AreaTemplateSettings.aspx

Welcome Page: _Layouts/AreaWelcomePage.aspx

Tree View: _layouts/navoptions.aspx

Top Nav Bar: _layouts/topnav.aspx

Site Theme: _layouts/themeweb.aspx

Reset to Site Definition: _layouts/reghost.aspx

Searchable Columns: _Layouts/NoCrawlSettings.aspx

Site Content Types: _layouts/mngctype.aspx


Site Columns: _layouts/mngfield.aspx

Site Templates: _catalogs/wt/Forms/Common.aspx

List Templates: _catalogs/lt/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Web Parts: _catalogs/wp/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Workflows: _layouts/wrkmng.aspx

Master Pages and Page Layouts: _catalogs/masterpage/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Regoinal Settings: _layouts/regionalsetng.aspx

Site Administration

Site Libraries and Lists: _layouts/mcontent.aspx

Site Usage Report: _layouts/usageDetails.aspx

User Alerts: _layouts/sitesubs.aspx

RSS: _layouts/siterss.aspx

Search Visibility: _layouts/srchvis.aspx

Sites and Workspaces: _layouts/mngsubwebs.aspx

Site Features: _layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx

Delete This Site: _layouts/deleteweb.aspx

Site Output Cache: _Layouts/areacachesettings.aspx

Content and Structure: _Layouts/sitemanager.aspx

Content and Structure Logs: _Layouts/SiteManager.aspx?lro=all

Search Settings: _layouts/enhancedSearch.aspx

Site Collection Administration

Search Scopes: _layouts/viewscopes.aspx?mode=site
Search Keywords: _layouts/listkeywords.aspx

Recycle Bin: _layouts/AdminRecycleBin.aspx

Site Collection Features: _layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx?Scope=Site

Site Hierachy: _layouts/vsubwebs.aspx

Portal Site Connection: _layouts/portal.aspx

Site Collection Audit Settings: _layouts/AuditSettings.aspx

Site Collection Policies: _layouts/Policylist.aspx

Site Collection Cache Profiles: Cache%20Profiles/AllItems.aspx

Site Collection Output Cache: _Layouts/sitecachesettings.aspx

Site Collection Object Cache: _Layouts/objectcachesettings.aspx

Variations: _Layouts/VariationSettings.aspx

Variation Labels: _Layouts/VariationLabels.aspx

Translatable Columns: _Layouts/TranslatableSettings.aspx

Variation Logs: _Layouts/VariationLogs.aspx

Site Settings: _layouts/settings.aspx

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When you are making changes to the documents inside the Document Library.

You will be facing error as,

“You must fill out all required properties before checking in this document.”

  • If you are uploading a file to a library that requires certain file properties to be filled out, and those properties are missing, the file remains checked out to you. When you fill out the required properties, you can check in the file.
  • If you are uploading a file to a library that requires files to be checked out, the file is initially checked out to you. You must check in the file before other people can edit it.

The changes like, renaming the document, changing the owner and properties are not allowed. To overcome from this issue, goto Document and library settings, goto Columns(under General Settings), Click into column, change the Properties as Hidden or Optional or Not required.

Now you can make changes to the file properties.

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